Am I adopted?

Janaki was a smart and chirpy 10 year old girl. She had everything in life and wonderful friends and family. There was nothing to be bothered about. Janaki loved schedules as they helped her complete her homework on time and there was lot of free time to spare which she could utilize for play. One day, when she was about to enter her parent’s bedroom, she overheard something and her world came crashing down. Her mother had mentioned that she was adopted. Immediately she thought that she resembled neither her father nor her mother, but was fair like her mother. But she had never given much thought to such things. Over the next few days the chirp in her voice died down and she became much quieter. She thought about all the undue demands that she used to make to her parents who fulfilled them whichever way they could. She decided that she would not ask for things from now on. Her mother noticed the change in the behaviour and realized that something was wrong. That day when she came back from school, she embraced her and planted a kiss on her forehead and asked what is troubling her. At first she was hesitant but then she gathered all her courage and asked her mom if she was adopted. Her mom understood the problem immediately and asked her to sit down so that she can explain. “Yes you are adopted dear, but you are the most wonderful thing that has happened to us and are the apple of our eyes. Don’t think even for a moment that you are any less than our real child. We are blessed to have you with us.” With these words, Janaki’s apprehensions were put to rest and she got back to normal life. She also understood that the bonding between her and her parents was far stronger than that of a real child!

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