A chance encounter

It was just another day for Shivam as he got on to the Mumbai local from Andheri to travel to his office at Nariman Point. It was a long drab journey and today he was hoping that he would get a place to sit in the crowded local. After a couple of stations went by, he saw a familiar face staring at him. He tried hard to place the person but couldn’t. Then he saw him coming closer to him and he asked Shivam, “Have you studied at Sacred Hearts Convent?” Shivam was a bit taken aback but answered in affirmative. Then it dawned on him that the person in question was his long lost friend Amit. They quickly hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries. They were now flooded with all the childhood memories. They had the reputation of being the most mischievous of kids in the class. They were given various punishments by the teachers but there was absolutely no change in their behaviour. When Amit’s father was transferred to a different city and they have to shift there, then they lost touch of each other. But now both of them exchanged numbers and promised to be in touch more frequently. Shivam’s drab journey had become fruitful today. Not only he chanced upon his friend but he also got a companion with whom he can travel in the local.

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