Compassionate living

Compassion is a necessary ingredient of healthy living and if you lack it, it is difficult to live a happy life. In these days of rapid urbanization, being compassionate is the last thing on people’s mind. Everything is measured in terms of money. The more money you have the more you can harp on how bad India is in terms of infrastructure, food, and other resources. Such people have lost their sensitivity that they too are living in India only and they should speak well of it. The bottom line is that one should be compassionate about people as well as animals too no matter where you are residing.

Arti was one such lady who had stayed a couple of years in the US with her family but now was back in India as her husband’s job demanded it. The problem was that all her interactions with her friends and neighbours were based on the comparisons between India and the U.S. This resulted in a lot of negativity and slowly and steadily people started avoiding her. Her friends used to point it out to her that she needed to be more compassionate towards India in general but she could not understand. All she wanted to do was to give advice on how things can be improved in India in spite of the fact that there is so much pollution and population.

One fine day, Arti’s world came crumbling down when she came to know that she was suffering from an autoimmune disease which would require bone marrow transplant. When friends and family came to know, one of her sisters agreed to give the bone marrow so that Arti could recover. Over a period of time Arti realized that the culture in India is much better than that in the west and she should stop demeaning India just to highlight the materialistic aspects of the west. Even the friends and extended family understood that Arti has learnt her lesson the hard way and is now on the right track. All’s well that ends well.

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