The big decision

Divya used to live with her brother, Rajesh and her mother. She was a tall dusky girl and was working as a teacher in a secondary school. Things were going fine till Rani came into their life. Rani was Rajesh’s wife, and was very headstrong and authoritative. It did not take her long to understand that Divya is not getting married due to her complexion and is proving to be a burden on her brother and mother. She began to poke Divya on small small things which broke Divya’s heart. Now she also longed to have a place of her own where she can relax without someone disturbing her.

In the meantime, Rani got pregnant and had a son and as a result she was on the top of the world again. Both Divya and her mother took great care of Rani and her child and he became the apple of everyone’s eyes. Still Rani’s behaviour towards Divya did not undergo any change. Now and then she would comment on Divya’s clothes, eating habits etc. and she would become distraught.

One day, Rani started complaining of a pain in her tummy and waited for Rajesh to come back from office. The pain persisted and they found it necessary to visit a doctor. The doctor did necessary tests and told them after a couple of days that Rani’s kidneys are damaged and she would need a transplant asap. They were flabbergasted.  They came back home and shared the situation with their mother and Divya. Doctor had said that if someone from the household is ready to give the kidney then that would be quite suitable for Rani. Divya got emotional and though Rani had always treated her with contempt, she came up with the idea of her donating a kidney to Rani. Everyone was taken aback including Rani who could only think as far as Divya’s complexion was concerned and couldn’t understand what a wonderful heart she had. With tears in her eyes, she thanked Divya and made a mental note never to trouble Divya again.

Never give up…

Giving up something is not the right way,

You have to be at it, though your mind might run astray.

You have to find your own motivations,

And do not look at the situation with resignation.

Keep in mind it is essential to be at it,

Otherwise your mind will waiver and you’ll lose it.

There are times when you are dreaming big,

And there are times when you can’t think straight.

In both these situations, just keep the faith.

Spend your time with your friends and family,

And do not be despondent, it’s just a random thought.

Remember, giving up is the easiest thing to do,

You can think of solutions, one or two.

When you feel a new vibe that brightens you up,

Think of your plans again and cheer yourself up.