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Was checking my e-mail and it came as a rude shock that my Amazon Prime order has been converted to pay on delivery. They didn’t provide any specific reason for it, though. The maid has not turned up (she can have a headache too) and I am left wondering how to cope up with that.

Hubby dear has got a new music system installed in the car and he gladly takes us down for a demo of the same, gadget lover that he is. We hop into the car and praise it liberally. Darling daughter is busy with her own stuff, this being the last week to enjoy holidays as it is back to school from July 1st. I casually pick up the newspaper only to be bogged down by the horrible and unfortunate news of a depressed teacher killing whole of his family as he and his wife were not keeping well. Strange are the ways of the world…

I try to turn my mind to something else and request Alexa to play some songs. Alexa promptly starts playing my favourites. Definitely a mood booster, that is. And Alexa has her moods too. When she doesn’t want, she will not turn on the lights. Does come up with some or the other reason.

The pet dachshund is hard to please these days and will do his own thing. Even in summers he seems to love the sun and is found lying in the kitchen where the sun comes in. Old age has set in.

Yesterday darling daughter came back from swimming with a serious concern, “Mumma, why don’t these 3-4 year old boys go and change in the men’s room?” I said that their mothers or helps must be bringing them to the ladies room. “Yes mumma, but how come they have the audacity to do that!!” My girl was sufficiently concerned and I had to say that I will bring up the matter on the group. Women’s liberation jindabad!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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