Book review: Ikigai

If you are still searching for your ikigai or raison de etre, it’s time to look deep within. This book deals with staying young as you age and finding your purpose in life. If you are struggling in life and have not yet comprehended the real reason you get up in the morning, this book is for you. It is even more relevant in present times when stress and pollution are resulting in further shortening of the human lifespan. It is like a breath of fresh air.

According to various surveys and studies, Japanese people live the longest and it is because they keep themselves busy doing what they love and never retire. Their keys to longevity are diet, exercise, finding a purpose in life and forming strong social ties.

If you want to jot down your reasons to live, a logotherapist can help you with it. Logotherapy pushes patients to consciously discover their life’s purpose which propels them to move forward and confront the obstacles of life. The book offers several case studies through which the basic principles of life have been explained.

The power of flow in everything you do has also been touched upon in this book though you can read Mihaly’s book “Flow” if you want to understand it in greater detail. Basically, there is no sure shot way to find the elusive happiness but if you can develop the ability to be in a state of flow, you will literally achieve happiness. The book outlines various strategies to achieve this flow or optimal experience.

This book also provides you with the experiences of supercenteniarians – people who live to 110 years or more. Last but not the least, the book provides 10 golden rules to achieve ikigai in life. If you are already feeling eager and excited, go grab a copy of the book and find your ikigai in life!

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