Bijay Niwas – More than a stopover

If you are planning to drive to Udaipur from Delhi or Gurgaon by any chance, then stopping by in between might be required as it requires all of 11 hours to reach Udaipur from Gurgaon. Bijay Niwas Palace is an excellent stopover in between. It takes 7 hours to reach Bijay Nagar from Gurgaon and it would give you a much needed break. We reached Bijay Niwas around 5 pm in the evening and found to our surprise that we were the only guests there. We had booked a suite in advance and were elated to enter the grand haveli like setting. Bijay Niwas comes across as a quaint, little place where you can forget all your tensions and can relax in the lap of nature. Our room had a balcony attached to it where we spent a lazy afternoon eating pakoras and French fries and having our tea in the evening sun. The room had an old rustic feel to it as the switchboards and fans were quite old fashioned though all modern amenities were available in it. The whole palace had a central theme which was reflected in its tapestry and linen. It was last day of the year and we were amused to know that we will be treated with a bonfire out in the open. They also gave us an option to eat outside near the bonfire but we declined as the biting cold edged us to come inside once we took the warmth of the bonfire and enjoyed outside. It was a memorable day I would say as we were treated like royalty by the staff and served a wholesome three-course meal. We also spent some time near the swimming pool in the evening as it made us feel fresh and energetic. All in all it was a good decision to stop by at Bijay Niwas Palace and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have some peace and quiet for some time.

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