Birding trip to Surajpur Bird Sanctuary

Before I go ahead and tell you how much I enjoyed birding at Surajpur, I would like to stress that reconnecting with nature has both physical and psychological impact that is good for human health and well-being. Keeping that in mind, it is time to introspect if your outings are just restricted to closed spaces. If that is the case, you need to get some fresh air too! In times of smoke and pollution all around and the air quality index shooting off the roof, a morning visit to a bird sanctuary will help calm your senses and will prepare you to take on life as it is. Though to be frank, I was myself coaxed to be a part of this birding trip by hubby and my daughter.

We started early around 6 am and reached Greater Noida in around one and a half hour. The parking was almost full and people of the birding group that we are a part of were already there. It was cold but pleasant and we started the walk into the forest-like space. A narrow ‘pagdandi’ helped us keep track of the direction. We got to see many boards with details of the birds that we could find in the wetland vicinity.

Soon enough, darling daughter started taking quick shots in succession with her camera to capture the birds idly resting or flying around. Some common sense rules of birding include maintaining silence so that the birds are not scared away. In addition, you need to wear clothes that act as a camouflage so you do not become the object of attention. The birds need your attention, not the other way round.

The walk was refreshing and we wanted to linger on for some more time. I would like to recommend this place and have also added a few pictures so that you get the overall idea of the place. So, wake up early and visit Surajpur to be one with nature!  

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