Managing WhatsApp

The WhatsApp forwards are at it again! Why is it that if you transport something by car, it is called shipment, while when you transport something by ship, it is called cargo. Quite intriguing! Well it does not mean that I read or listen in all the WhatsApp forwards. There are few and far between that capture my attention. Till recently, I have seen people bidding adieu to Facebook due to whatever reasons but escaping WhatsApp is something that is still unheard of. But it is true that this digital monster takes away most of our precious time these days. When I was a kid, the social media was not yet in place and we had to go back to the available books to pass time. In a way, it did some good to us. It is not that we missed anything. But these days, WhatsApp connection is a must for survival it seems. Whether it is our school friends or office colleagues, we have to remain connected and absorb all the good or bad that is thrown in our direction. Even in schools, it has become a fashion to connect and discuss every small thing pertaining to a field. So, my daughter has not yet got a phone so it means that I have to keep track of what other students are doing in a art or theatre group. Family groups are considered sacred and if someone posts too much or too little, they are put under the radar and might have to receive comments ranging from “Oh, don’t you have anything worthwhile to do” to “you are not at all concerned about us”. The WhatsApp admin is a relatively new position and his/her task is to keep the group in running condition. And if the admin responsibility is donned by more than one member then it is utter chaos. The only WhatsApp group that I like a little are the society groups where useful information is shared as and when required. The fact of the matter is that if you are doing any deep work then you should distance yourself from social media, but if you wish to hog the limelight, you have to pay for it too. I am not in favour of leaving everything and putting your head inside the sand as if nothing matters. The best approach is to be a part of these groups and have a balanced approach for handling the bits and pieces of information that comes your way. Hope you find a way to manage your WhatsApp amicably. All the best!!

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