Have the News Channels cashed in enough on SSR’s tragedy?

Evening 8 PM. Switch to Republic TV and all you can see is the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery getting more complicated and murkier with each passing minute. Arnab and his Republic has gone ahead and broken all the records of investigative journalism in this case. It is a sensitive case as SSR has become a national sensation after his death. You might agree with me if I say that the 34 year old actor wasn’t that famous when he was alive. He has reached millions of hearts after his demise. But the bottomline is that inspite of the news channel propaganda, facts will remain facts whatever said and done!

When I am bored from Republic i switch to India Today, and lo and behold, it portrays an entirely different view of the whole situation. SSR’s girlfriend, Rhea, becomes someone who can be sympathized with. Other channels are called Banana Republic, pun intended. Arnab on the other hand has said with as much emotional appeal as possible that Rhea is a very dangerous woman and should be put behind the bars for the abetment of SSR suicide or rather his murder. So Rhea does get arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau for her alleged drug involvement along with her brother, Showick. I for one can’t believe that Rhea could be such a scheming individual. I somehow feel that she did what she could for her partner and now that SSR has gone no one wants to give it a thought that he might have got himself embroiled in the vicious circle of drugs, medicines for depression and his own standing in the society and as a result committed suicide. Even CBI is yet to come up with a better explanation of this tragedy.

The Hindi news channels have gone a step too far and dissected SSR’s life like that of a guniea pig. My only take is that they should now stop the rumour-mongering and raking the TRPs for God’s sake. They should provide some dignity to the tragedy and let SSR’s soul finally rest in peace. I am a SSR fan myself and would like to demand some respect for the departed soul. News channels can now focus on Indo China stand-off or the farm bill. We would readily listen.