Have the News Channels cashed in enough on SSR’s tragedy?

Evening 8 PM. Switch to Republic TV and all you can see is the Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder mystery getting more complicated and murkier with each passing minute. Arnab and his Republic has gone ahead and broken all the records of investigative journalism in this case. It is a sensitive case as SSR has become a national sensation after his death. You might agree with me if I say that the 34 year old actor wasn’t that famous when he was alive. He has reached millions of hearts after his demise. But the bottomline is that inspite of the news channel propaganda, facts will remain facts whatever said and done!

When I am bored from Republic i switch to India Today, and lo and behold, it portrays an entirely different view of the whole situation. SSR’s girlfriend, Rhea, becomes someone who can be sympathized with. Other channels are called Banana Republic, pun intended. Arnab on the other hand has said with as much emotional appeal as possible that Rhea is a very dangerous woman and should be put behind the bars for the abetment of SSR suicide or rather his murder. So Rhea does get arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau for her alleged drug involvement along with her brother, Showick. I for one can’t believe that Rhea could be such a scheming individual. I somehow feel that she did what she could for her partner and now that SSR has gone no one wants to give it a thought that he might have got himself embroiled in the vicious circle of drugs, medicines for depression and his own standing in the society and as a result committed suicide. Even CBI is yet to come up with a better explanation of this tragedy.

The Hindi news channels have gone a step too far and dissected SSR’s life like that of a guniea pig. My only take is that they should now stop the rumour-mongering and raking the TRPs for God’s sake. They should provide some dignity to the tragedy and let SSR’s soul finally rest in peace. I am a SSR fan myself and would like to demand some respect for the departed soul. News channels can now focus on Indo China stand-off or the farm bill. We would readily listen.

General musings

This month saw the untimely passing away of two stalwarts of BJP, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. It is indeed a sad month for the party as these leaders are irreplaceable. The void that they have left cannot be filled by anyone easily. Both the leaders were very knowledgeable and had a large fan following across the nation. May their respective souls rest in peace.

Right now I am a little excited on hearing the news that our very own badminton player, P. V. Sindhu has won the World Championship. Incidentally, it is her mom’s birthday and she has dedicated her win to her mother. What a nice piece of news to end a Sunday with. Sindhu was trying to win for the last couple of times but could bag the medal this time round. Coach Gopichand must be on cloud nine and why not. It’s a big honour for the nation.

The situation in J & K is slowly returning to normal. It will take a lot of time though. Due to the militancy, the development could not take place but slowly people are realising that the government decision to scrape Article 370 was the right one. Recently read about a couple who left their high profile jobs to settle down in Laddakh and help in the overall development of the region. Thanks to them, solar panels have been installed in many schools and children are getting the education they so rightly deserve.

I have been reading a book or two and the next post would most probably be a book review. So, stay tuned!

Random musings

The suicide of VG Siddhartha has yet again brought depression to the forefront. He was unable to pay his debts and as a result chose the easier route to eternal peace. He didn’t want to take any further blame for the dire situation at Café Coffee Day. CCD is a popular coffee outlet for the youngsters as one can sit there without being disturbed for long. Even free Wi-Fi is available.

Depression can ruin anyone’s life but when it goes out of hand it takes the form of suicide. People with depression are so despondent at times that they don’t think even once how their near and dear ones will cope with the situation once they are gone. The mind plays games that no one knows about. It is very necessary to contain the problem before it goes out of hand either through medication or counselling or both in moderation. The role of family members in providing support to the depressed is also of utmost importance.

Another interesting piece of news that I came across today related to a customer asking for a non-muslim guy for delivering food from Zomato as saavan is going on. He received a befitting reply from the founder Deepinder Goyal, “We aren’t sorry to lose business that comes in the way of our values.” Actually it is a dangerous trend which should be contained as early as possible. Such absurd demands cannot be met and they only show the mental bankruptcy of the person demanding.  

India is a secular state and people should be encouraged to treat the fellow men in the same regard. There should be no distinction based on caste or creed and everyone should be treated with equal respect though sadly that is not the case. But the bottomline is that whenever there is an opportunity to put things right, we should do that as was done by Zomato founder.

When will these deaths stop?

The death of over 150 children in Muzaffarpur, Bihar has shown us the real face of the Nitish government there. Although he has been ruling the roost since 2005, it is sad to see that the hospitals are not even equipped to provide basic medical facilities to the patients of AES (Acute Enchephalitis Syndrome). Don’t know how many more children will face the dead end. After this medical emergency, the Supreme Court has asked the Nitish government as well as the Centre to clarify why such a thing happened in first place. I am sure they don’t have any reasonable response to that. Remember that medical care is the basic right and such a thing is unacceptable under current situation.

AES supposedly happens by eating unripe Litchi fruit by the already malnourished children. Who is responsible for the health of these kids? I understand that basic healthcare comes before education and should have been handled that way. Do the policies of the Nitish government take into account such emergencies, people are asking. The hapless parents have nowhere to go. They are just witnessing the saddest part of their life, the death of their child. Is the government even thinking about some sort of compensation for these parents, though nothing would be enough as of now. Only time can heal such wounds, that too to a small extent.

The newspaper says that it is an extraordinary situation. Well I don’t agree. There is nothing extraordinary about it, it is just pathetic. Hope the whirlwind of deaths stop soon.