Screen time dilemma

Half-yearly exams are ending tomorrow and finally I have got some time to put my thoughts to words. More so, because the only exam left is the third language and darling daughter is well-equipped to deal with French on her own. I am not exactly a passive listener for other subjects and try to give my two cents in the time of need. And yes, Google baba is always there for us when we get stuck.

Moving on from the family brouhaha, today I would like to bring up the topic of ‘screen time’ which was almost absent in our times. These days, kids are engulfed with various categories of screen time, starting from television, tablet, laptop, and our very own favourite gadget, mobile! So one thing after another and there you go. Children do not have time to lift an eyelid or go play outside; remember physical activity is a must. They are glued to the available gadget whenever they can make fool of their parents. I have noticed that some parents in an attempt to complete their work at home themselves provide these amenities to their children. They will do their own work while the child happily watches youtube videos to the hilt. Even infants these days would not eat their food if they don’t see a specific program on the tablet which the poor bai holds right in front of their eyes…

Coming to the point, needless to say that I am not against the concept of screen time, but I feel that it should be restricted by the parents and should be available to the children under some form of supervision. It is for the experts to decide how much time should be spent by a child in front of the screen. It should not happen that the child’s eyesight suffers due to the neglect by the parents. That’s the reason why grandparents are again in demand these days as they can at least engage the child in a conversation and distract his/her mind from the screen.

There are parents who are giving a mobile to their children at a young age of 10 or 11 but it should be used under guidance. Similar should be the case for all other screens. Most importantly, there should be some emphasis on the family time when either everyone eats together or are engaged in an activity. What do you feel about this topic? How much screen time are your children getting?

General musings

This month saw the untimely passing away of two stalwarts of BJP, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. It is indeed a sad month for the party as these leaders are irreplaceable. The void that they have left cannot be filled by anyone easily. Both the leaders were very knowledgeable and had a large fan following across the nation. May their respective souls rest in peace.

Right now I am a little excited on hearing the news that our very own badminton player, P. V. Sindhu has won the World Championship. Incidentally, it is her mom’s birthday and she has dedicated her win to her mother. What a nice piece of news to end a Sunday with. Sindhu was trying to win for the last couple of times but could bag the medal this time round. Coach Gopichand must be on cloud nine and why not. It’s a big honour for the nation.

The situation in J & K is slowly returning to normal. It will take a lot of time though. Due to the militancy, the development could not take place but slowly people are realising that the government decision to scrape Article 370 was the right one. Recently read about a couple who left their high profile jobs to settle down in Laddakh and help in the overall development of the region. Thanks to them, solar panels have been installed in many schools and children are getting the education they so rightly deserve.

I have been reading a book or two and the next post would most probably be a book review. So, stay tuned!

Goodbye, Beetle

Beetle, as a pup

I lost my baby Beetle yesterday. He was a pet dachshund and lived his life to the fullest, being ill for about a month before moving away to a whole new world. I am still coming to terms with the fact that he is no more around and I can’t take his name often. I am remembering all the good moments spent with him one by one. He was always active and jovial at home. Outside of home, he used to become a bit territorial but we could manage that. I was his mom and he was closest to me though Harsha and Eva were also very close to him, something I witnessed when his last rights were being performed. All of us broke into tears as we shared a bond and Beetle was our family member.

What was the most funny thing about Beetle? Well, he had a liking for the carpet in the living room and used to dig right in its middle whenever he felt like. It was as if a tunnel was being built with all diligence. This breed, dachshund, are famous for their digging and hunting capabilities. Also, he had a very loud bark, enough to scare a non dog lover. He used to guard the gate with all his might and wouldn’t allow anyone to come in easily. I had to lock him up briefly before I could even talk to the person at my door. Whenever I felt low, he would come and sit with me and try to comfort me.

Beetle was a perfect apartment dog and stayed with us for close to 15 years. We will miss him terribly and the void cannot be filled by anyone else. I feel like I have lost someone very near and dear. Hope he finds even more loving parents in his next life. You will live with us in our memories, Beetle! Goodbye for now.

A fresh start

When I see the world from pure lenses,

There are many things that awaken my senses,

I see purity in a mother’s eye,

I hear the laughter in a child’s voice,

I see the nature which is pure and untouched,

I notice a person who is inspired and unperturbed,

I hear friendly voices over cups of coffee,

I see the sailing boats coming from deep seas,

I hear the chants that help meditate,

These are some words that we should replicate,

These things truly warm my heart,

And give my mind a fresh start!


Whenever I close my eyes to relax,

It’s not always to sleep but to reflect,

It is necessary to reflect after a tough day,

To help understand what went well and what went awry,

Our reflections portray our inherent character,

So don’t get swayed if there is something to bother,

You get a chance to correct your misdoings,

And start with a prayer in the fresh mornings,

Every day you’ll learn a thing or two,

When you reflect without much ado,

So keep that smile on your lips,

And find your inner peace and the bliss.

Keep your chin up

Whenever you are despondent and nothing seems right,

Keep your chin up.

When the winds are not blowing in the right direction,

Keep your chin up.

When someone troubles you with meaningless words,

Keep your chin up.

If the weather is bad and you want to remain sad,

Keep your chin up.

Because this small gesture can lift your mood,

And take you out of your brood.

Never give up…

Giving up something is not the right way,

You have to be at it, though your mind might run astray.

You have to find your own motivations,

And do not look at the situation with resignation.

Keep in mind it is essential to be at it,

Otherwise your mind will waiver and you’ll lose it.

There are times when you are dreaming big,

And there are times when you can’t think straight.

In both these situations, just keep the faith.

Spend your time with your friends and family,

And do not be despondent, it’s just a random thought.

Remember, giving up is the easiest thing to do,

You can think of solutions, one or two.

When you feel a new vibe that brightens you up,

Think of your plans again and cheer yourself up.

Summer woes

In this scorching heat which is tough to beat,

I think about the clouds, dense and shroud,

When will you come back dear monsoon,

We are counting the days, please come soon.

I am losing my plants to the intense heat,

There is no way to save them or cheat the sun.

When going outside is a task,

And you have to cover yourself with a mask.

Can’t express how the rains would feel,

When people can go out with a new zeal!