Book review: Lone Fox Dancing

Lone Fox Dancing is a comprehensive account of the life and times of the great author, Ruskin Bond. I liked it so much that I finished reading the book in two days flat. The author has given a detailed account of his life since childhood till date. He was born and brought up in India by British parents. His parents had separated due to incompatibility issues and he lost his father at the tender age of ten. But he thanks his father for igniting the will to write in him.

Of and on, he did take up a job to sustain himself, but his true calling was in the mountains, primarily Mussoorie, where he was able to write surrounded by nature and unleash his creativity. His writing is clear and to the point and his description of the nature around him is simply par excellence. The reader will not get bored even for a minute as apart from nature his encounters with people around him adds the required spice to the book. His autobiography portrays his love for nature very well and he gets his inspiration from the wilderness all around. He does go to England for a couple of years but comes back and resumes his writing from Mussoorie.

Later in his life, after he loses his mother to breast cancer, he forms new bonds with the people around him so much so that he calls them his family. When he started writing, he wrote several short stories for the Illustrated Weekly and many such magazines, but he had authored several good books as well. Once he saw a baby bear in the forest and was inspired to write stories for children too. Whatever said and done, his books have reached out far and wide and have been appreciated by readers young and old as he was able to make instant connection with them with his thoughtful prose and beautiful poetry. Sharing a few couplets that I liked very much:

She held my hand at the Primrose Hill,

I loved her then and love her still,

Although she had sworn we never would part,

She went away with the shreds of my heart,

But I loved her then and love her still,

And I see her still climbing up the Primrose hill.

All in all, Lone Fox Dancing is a lovely book and I recommend you pick it up during the weekend. I am sure you would not be disappointed.

A fresh start

When I see the world from pure lenses,

There are many things that awaken my senses,

I see purity in a mother’s eye,

I hear the laughter in a child’s voice,

I see the nature which is pure and untouched,

I notice a person who is inspired and unperturbed,

I hear friendly voices over cups of coffee,

I see the sailing boats coming from deep seas,

I hear the chants that help meditate,

These are some words that we should replicate,

These things truly warm my heart,

And give my mind a fresh start!


Whenever I close my eyes to relax,

It’s not always to sleep but to reflect,

It is necessary to reflect after a tough day,

To help understand what went well and what went awry,

Our reflections portray our inherent character,

So don’t get swayed if there is something to bother,

You get a chance to correct your misdoings,

And start with a prayer in the fresh mornings,

Every day you’ll learn a thing or two,

When you reflect without much ado,

So keep that smile on your lips,

And find your inner peace and the bliss.

Keep your chin up

Whenever you are despondent and nothing seems right,

Keep your chin up.

When the winds are not blowing in the right direction,

Keep your chin up.

When someone troubles you with meaningless words,

Keep your chin up.

If the weather is bad and you want to remain sad,

Keep your chin up.

Because this small gesture can lift your mood,

And take you out of your brood.

Never give up…

Giving up something is not the right way,

You have to be at it, though your mind might run astray.

You have to find your own motivations,

And do not look at the situation with resignation.

Keep in mind it is essential to be at it,

Otherwise your mind will waiver and you’ll lose it.

There are times when you are dreaming big,

And there are times when you can’t think straight.

In both these situations, just keep the faith.

Spend your time with your friends and family,

And do not be despondent, it’s just a random thought.

Remember, giving up is the easiest thing to do,

You can think of solutions, one or two.

When you feel a new vibe that brightens you up,

Think of your plans again and cheer yourself up.

Summer woes

In this scorching heat which is tough to beat,

I think about the clouds, dense and shroud,

When will you come back dear monsoon,

We are counting the days, please come soon.

I am losing my plants to the intense heat,

There is no way to save them or cheat the sun.

When going outside is a task,

And you have to cover yourself with a mask.

Can’t express how the rains would feel,

When people can go out with a new zeal!