When will these deaths stop?

The death of over 150 children in Muzaffarpur, Bihar has shown us the real face of the Nitish government there. Although he has been ruling the roost since 2005, it is sad to see that the hospitals are not even equipped to provide basic medical facilities to the patients of AES (Acute Enchephalitis Syndrome). Don’t know how many more children will face the dead end. After this medical emergency, the Supreme Court has asked the Nitish government as well as the Centre to clarify why such a thing happened in first place. I am sure they don’t have any reasonable response to that. Remember that medical care is the basic right and such a thing is unacceptable under current situation.

AES supposedly happens by eating unripe Litchi fruit by the already malnourished children. Who is responsible for the health of these kids? I understand that basic healthcare comes before education and should have been handled that way. Do the policies of the Nitish government take into account such emergencies, people are asking. The hapless parents have nowhere to go. They are just witnessing the saddest part of their life, the death of their child. Is the government even thinking about some sort of compensation for these parents, though nothing would be enough as of now. Only time can heal such wounds, that too to a small extent.

The newspaper says that it is an extraordinary situation. Well I don’t agree. There is nothing extraordinary about it, it is just pathetic. Hope the whirlwind of deaths stop soon.