Adorable one

This is a story about a little girl, Aanya, who was the only child of her parents and longed for a company. She used to see other children playing with their pets and wished she had a pet too. Her parents also understood that she wanted a pet badly and so on her eighth birthday, they gifted her a lab puppy all wrapped up in red ribbon. Aanya was on top of the world that day when she saw the puppy. She instantly named him Cuddles as he was very cuddly and cute.

Aanya was making plans now that she would introduce Cuddles to her friends. As her parents had told her that Cuddles is also her responsibility not only someone to play with. So Aanya would take Cuddles out for a walk daily in her society compound. Slowly Cuddles started growing up and in a few months he looked like a grown up dog. The bond between Aanya and Cuddles increased manifold as she used to take care of his needs and in return Cuddles gave her unconditional love.

Aanya used to take the lift everyday as they were on seventh floor. One day, when Aanya was holding Cuddles’ leash she went inside the lift with the leash while Cuddles was left outside and the door of the lift closed. Aanya could hear a whimpering sound and was scared that Cuddles would not survive though she had left the leash. However, when she reached the seventh floor, she saw Cuddles standing outside with a broken leash. She heaved a sigh of relief and hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes. Quickly, she went home to inform her mom about what had happened. Mom told her to be more vigilant and careful in future. Aanya decided that she would use the stairs now as it would be a good exercise for both her and Cuddles.