The Second Wave Story

The second wave of Covid has been brutal to say the least. It seems that every household has been affected be it with just the infection or an untimely demise. As a result, the norms of healthy living had to be changed overnight and almost everyone had to follow the restrictions brought forth by the partial or complete lockdown imposed by the government across the nation.

The daily routine of an average person has completely changed. Office goers have to sit at home which has led to dynamic changes in the home environment. One of the rooms has been completely converted to the office with all the necessary resources. Housewives or the lady of the house has been bombarded with the demand for new recipes as everyone in the house is super hungry most of the time.

Other changes include the RWAs of the societies making their own rules as per the existing situation, which needs to be followed by the residents. For example, when walks are allowed, you can walk only on the outer periphery of the condo in the counterclockwise direction with your mask on. If you fail to comply there will be repercussions such as your picture being clicked and put up on the society’s telegram group and you might be bullied publicly. Not only that, but you will also have to pay a hefty fine too.

Maids were not allowed to begin with. This has led to spike in the sales of Ready to Eat meals which are a blessing for someone like me who does not enjoy cooking. Other solace is that the housework is being shared between the family members though it might not be the case everywhere. In my household, the lockdown has led to the purchase of the dishwasher and a cleaning bot which have been godsend appliances for me. I would recommend these for every household.

As we are not going out, the clothes are not leaving the almirahs for long. We can’t go out for shopping so there is a surge in online shopping. Even oximeters and oxygen concentrators are being bought online.

If God forbid, you are the infected house then you will have to quarantine yourself for 15 days and through proper care and recovery emerge a winner at the end.

To be honest, I had not seen death so closely and so often. This second wave has taught everyone that death is just at arm’s length. With a heavy heart you have to offer the condolences to the family of the deceased which may be your friends or members of your extended family.

To me the bottom-line is to stay home and stay safe and follow all the necessary precautions. We need to be ready for the third wave too even if everything is going well right now. No one knows how dangerous it might be, so we need to pull up our boots and stay alert and safe.

Lockdown Diaries

So yes, it is a stupendous situation that we are in and nobody could have thought that they would witness something of this kind in their whole life. We have a lot to tell our grandchildren that we witnessed this pandemic and came out of it, unscratched, well not really. The gravity of the situation can be judged from the fact that countries all around the world are witnessing spurt in cases and there is nothing much we can do to control it. The vaccine is awaited and its only through social distancing and basic hygiene that we can overcome this covid devil. Yes, it is a devil which has evolved from bats and can spread alarmingly fast if we don’t follow basic precautions.

Our PM has been constantly connecting with us and asking us to be confined to our homes till the devil goes away. His last address to the nation was categorical as he talked about making India self-reliant, but I feel that during the lockdown each one of us has become aatmnirbhar in our own ways. Yes, we have! So, the lady of the house has to manage everything without the support of the elusive bai and she is doing well. Not only that the man of the house and kids too help out in daily chores like never before. I am surprised to note that we are capable of doing so many activities in a day’s time. It is as if we are from a different world altogether. Working moms, dads, children taking online classes have all evolved and are becoming self-reliant.

Families are contemplating saying goodbye to the “bais” altogether. This stems from the fact that the sales of dishwashers and vacuum cleaners have sky-rocketed and people are feeling in control of their stuff. Maybe the maids will be back, but their tasks will be curtailed. Some people do not yet want to get back to normal and would rather wait for a few more months. Quite reasonable on their part. It will of course take time to accept the new normal and get over corona fears. But there will be many relaxations post May 17. Let us get back to life slowly and take the necessary precautions. As one of my friends put it, each one of us will get it, it’s a matter of when. So corona might strike us and it is up to our bodies to develop the antibodies against the virus so that we can be safe in the most natural way!