Travel Opportunity

Vijay and Neeta were a happily married couple. Vijay was tall but Neeta just about reached his shoulder. Theirs was a love marriage. They were seven years into their marriage and had a daughter Vini. As both of them were working, Vini was taken care of by a maid. The maid was a reliable one and Neeta would call her from time to time to check up on Vini. Vini was the happiest when both parents were at home and indulged in some activity with her.

One day it so happened that Neeta’s boss offered her an opportunity that she couldn’t refuse out rightly. She had to travel to the US for three months as there was some marketing campaign going on there. When Neeta could not reply in affirmative immediately, her boss understood and suggested that she can ask Vijay and get back to him.

That night after dinner when Vijay was in a good mood, Neeta brought up the subject of travel. Though Vijay was quiet for some time, he finally said that Neeta should go and he will manage somehow. Maybe they would need to call Vijay’s mother who can be with Vini for three months. Neeta now understood that Vijay was concerned about her career too and made a mental note that she would do her best in those three months.