Eternal bliss

Neeta Sharma was just another 65 year old home maker who was trying her best to live her life fully. She had three children and all of them were married and settled. She had many friends and well-wishers whom she used to meet off and on to keep herself in cheerful spirits. One day she asked her husband, who was employed in a multi-national company, if she could visit the hills for some time and get a breath of fresh air. Anyways Delhi NCR had a very poor Air quality index and this would help ease her asthma symptoms too. Mr. Sharma suggested that it would be better if she went with a few friends as then they will be able to handle situations better.

Neeta enthusiastically searched for a quiet ashram on the banks of river Ganga and decided that she would detoxify herself there. Two of her friends Nalini and Malini were also going with her and they made their plans accordingly. On reaching their destination, they found that the place was no short of a paradise. The weather was a bit cold and there was greenery and freshness all around. When they landed in the ashram, they were told that they can freshen up and rest today and the Guruji will meet them next morning. All three friends settled in their rooms and had a light dinner and went to sleep. Next morning, they were called in to meet Guruji. He was a saintly man and asked them the purpose of their visit. Neeta told them that they were out to find nirvana in the hills. Guruji smiled and said that these days every other person is out to find nirvana. Even the foreigners come here to search for eternal bliss but they don’t know that it will evade them till there is a substantial change in their habits. So, eat, pray, and love in moderation. Do not hurt others knowingly and do what you are good at with a pure heart and full dedication. Let karma do the rest. Neeta understood that nirvana is not found in a place but is a way of life.