Life, Plus Size

Saachi was never conscious of her weight or body image. She used to eat to her heart’s content without a tinge of guilt. And why not? She was just 16. Though students in her class used to call her fatso but she couldn’t care less. But off late, she noticed that wherever she went there was a pressure of being slim and in shape. Even social media wasn’t devoid of that. There were videos of people who were more than 100 kilos and have successfully reduced themselves to 50 kilos. Saachi thought those were no less than horror stories and she was not up to it as she couldn’t even dream of letting of her sumptuous food and tasty desserts. Exercise was last on her list. The situation at home was amicable but her mom used to remark once in a while that she should keep a check on her weight as she has to be married off in few years. But Saachi believed in living life fully. Her father had given her a beautiful watch on her birthday but she could no longer wear it as it did not fit on her wrist. One after the other such incidents brought her morale down but she liked to maintain the status quo. She was happy at the launch of plus size clothing at the nearby Pantaloons which she would go and check out whenever she got the opportunity to do so. Even the retailers were realizing that such needs have to be catered to. Saachi had come to the conclusion that being a little overweight is not the end of the world and she can enjoy life as it is. After all, we should live life “kingsize”!